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Meet Zena Christenson

I have worked in print and design, customer service and the telecoms industry. For over a decade I ran my own very successful software billing business. I ran the corporate side of the company and had a business partner who managed the software side, we were both very good at our roles, however, I was permanently stressed out and had an underlying feeling of fear which, after detoxing my mind, became apparent that this fear was lack of knowledge in connection with the software side of the business I was in. In effect I was terrified of being asked a question about my own company that I couldn't answer!

I was given the opportunity to leave the company during 2008 and my mind was reeling with self doubt and anxiety over money worries. After seeing the Mind Detox Method on television I decided to go on a mind body detox week in Turkey.

I have always loved helping people, listening to friends and family, trying to work out the best path of action to happiness for them in times of crisis. I have also always had the knack of being able to read a situation or person, body language is just as fascinating as the way the human mind works, so I was drawn to the Mind Detox Method as it is quick and easy with great results.

It's since radiated though all aspects of my life - in fact, it was so effective that I changed my life's direction, left my software company and trained as a practitioner! Im also currently studying nutrition at CNM London. I am a happy, balanced, confident person who loves her job!

Once you realise what is toxic and unnecessary in your life, it's easy to let go and find permanent happiness and calm.
Come and talk to me I can help you find this too!

The Mind Detox Method released me from what I thought I 'should' do, and enabled me to do what I 'wanted' to do! In 2010 I opened The Little Green Spa in Broadstairs which is where I see clients privately for Mind Detox, and it has a full day spa (steam, sauna and hot tub), along with a host of other beauty treatments.

Overcome stress and anxiety. Help with insomnia, addictions and depression. Kent based therapist.
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